Category: Whiteflies

Whiteflies in the Lawn

Whiteflies in the Lawn?

When you walk across the garden, do whiteflies fly out of the grass? What are the whiteflies on my lawn? Whiteflies suffer from an identity crisis – they are probably not even flies – they …
Whiteflies on Gardenia Plants

Whiteflies on Gardenia

Whiteflies are not good news for gardenia growers. Your attractive foliage is under attack – tiny whiteflies are sucking up the sap and depositing honey on which black mold thrives. They are not easy to …
Whiteflies on Hibiscus Plants

Whiteflies on Hibiscus

Hibiscus are beautiful flowering plants, and not only are they attractive to humans – but also the dreaded whitefly. These tiny white flies home in on your plants to nibble away at the rich, juicy …