Bug A Salt 3.0 Review

There’s no denying the fact that bugs and insects are annoying when flying around our houses. You can find plenty of fly sprays on the market that includes chemicals to kill insects quickly and easily. However, chemicals can be harmful to the environment and many people don’t want them filling their homes. Enter the Bug A Salt 3.0. 

Lorenzo Maggiore is an artist and surfer from Los Angeles who invented the Bug A Salt patent. The Bug A Salt is a plastic gun that shoots out kitchen salt so that you don’t need to use any harmful chemicals. The Bug A Salt 3.0 is easy to use, lightweight, and much safer than other options on the market. 

But how effective is this plastic gun at really ridding your home of bugs? Today we’ll be reviewing the Bug A Salt 3.0 to see whether it’s worth the money or not. 

Bug A Salt 3.0 Specifications

  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Size: 22.5 x 7.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Warranty: 90-day money-back guarantee with one-year limited warranty

Bug A Salt 3.0 Main Features

There are many features coming from the Bug A Salt 3.0 gun which can aid you in everyday life. But are these features worth it? Let’s find out. 


Salt does kill flies, so as long as the Bug A Salt 3.0 is being shot in the local vicinity of the bugs, then it will be effective at killing them. The power of this gun is rather impressive and it can shoot up to three feet away, although you’ll get better effectiveness if you’re closer to the flies. 

Salt shoots out in a stream and splays out into the air in front of you. This allows your Bug A Salt 3.0 to cover more space so that you can kill more flies at once, both large and small. 

The salt box has enough capacity to use the Bug A Salt 3.0 80 times before it needs refilling. This gives you plenty of time and opportunity to hit the flies in your home without them getting away. 

Ease of Use

Using the Bug A Salt 3.0 is as easy as using a water pistol. You’ll need to fill up the included salt box with kitchen salt and unlock the pump handle by pulling it back and forwards. Unlock the safety and get ready to shoot the salt! 

It’s as simple as that. You can space out your shots as much or as little as you want to, depending on how many flies there are. If the flies are particularly fast you might choose to use the rapid shot action to bombard them with salt so that they don’t have the opportunity to fly away.  


Ideally, you don’t want to be clearing up lots of salt from the floor or your furniture after you’ve finished using the Bug A Salt 3.0. To avoid this, the gun needs to be accurate so that you can minimize how many shots you need to take. 

The sight indicator on the top of the gun can help with this by giving you a clearer image of where the salt will be aiming for. This prevents you from wasting salt and reduces the cleanup time. 

Overall, the sight indicator is impressively accurate and helps the salt to attach to the flies easier. Not everyone will like using this feature; however, as it slows down the process and allows the fly to get out of harm’s way before you can shoot them. 


The grip is comfortable enough and the gun is made from plastic so it’s very lightweight. You can shoot multiple different flies without your hand getting sore or your arms getting tired.

The length of the gun is ideal for a two-handed operation, easing the load for your arms. 


As we mentioned before, the Bug A Salt 3.0 uses no harmful chemicals that are toxic to humans or pets. As long as the salt doesn’t get in anyone’s eyes, you shouldn’t have any issues with the safety of this product. 

The gun is also lightweight so that you won’t hurt yourself by using it recklessly. There is also a safety feature that should be switched on every time you’re not using the gun. 


The price of the Bug A Salt 3.0 is rather high in comparison to other fly killers, although it proves very useful to a lot of people.

The Bug A Salt 3.0 can also be used time and time again so that you don’t have to keep repurchasing new sprays. Over time, the Bug A Salt 3.0 will pay for itself in savings. 

There are additional features that you can opt for with the Bug A Salt 3.0 such as a laser pointer and different color options. 

Potential Dangers of the Bug A Salt 3.0

While we have been raving about the positive features of the Bug A Salt 3.0, there is one glaringly obvious potential danger. The gun doesn’t look like a gun – it looks more like a water pistol or children’s toy. 

If you’re not careful and have your own children running about the house, they might get their little hands on the Bug A Salt 3.0 and start playing with it. Salt can be very dangerous when shot in the face of other people, and this gun is not meant to be treated as a toy. 

When not in use, the Bug A Salt 3.0 should always have its safety activated to prevent accidents from happening. The manufacturer recommends that you should treat this piece of equipment like a real firearm rather than a fun gadget. 

Benefits and Drawbacks 

BUG-A-SALT Yellow 3.0


  • Works smoothly and easily
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Offers an automatic safety feature lock
  • Sight indicator included for better accuracy
  • A fun way to kill bugs
  • Option to purchase additional accessories to enhance the performance
  • Doesn’t harm furniture
  • Uses no toxic chemicals


  • The cleanup can be annoying
  • Looks like a toy and can be dangerous around children
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Bug A Salt 2.0 vs Bug A Salt 3.0

The Bug A Salt 2.0 is the earlier version of the Bug A Salt 3.0 that we have been looking at today. The differences between these two devices are small yet mighty. The inventor of the Bug A Salt guns has taken customer reviews into consideration before creating the newer version. 

Two of the main issues with the Bug A Salt 2.0 were the cumbersome size and speed of the shot. So, Lorenzo Maggiore reduced the size of the Bug A Salt 3.0 as well as making the shot much faster and therefore more effective. 

These two differences make usage much easier and more convenient for the customer. You’ll be able to shoot flies much quicker without having to carry around a massive yellow plastic gun. 

Another difference is that you don’t need to turn off the shot controlling system every time you want to shoot the gun. This makes using it quicker as well as you don’t need to remember an additional step before pulling the trigger. 

The attention to the customer reviews, as well as the short amount of time that the complaints were handled in, is really what shines when comparing the Bug A Salt 2.0 and the Bug A Salt 3.0. We’re really impressed with how involved the company keeps its customer base. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Bug A Salt 2.0

BUG-A-SALT 2.0 Fly Gun - Direct from Patent Holder


  • Effective with a range of 3 feet
  • Lower price than the newer version
  • Safe to use around humans and pets
  • No toxic chemicals used


  • Looks similar to a toy rather than a potentially dangerous gadget
  • More cumbersome than the Bug A Salt 3.0
  • Have to unlock the pump handle before every shot
  • The salt box capacity is enough for 50 shots rather than 80 like the Bug A Salt 3.0
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Overall, the Bug A Salt 3.0 is better in our opinion as it is essentially the Bug A Salt 2.0 with some of its kinks straightened out. As the company is still relatively new, there will be certain things that need fixing from the early stages, and we think that the Bug A Salt 3.0 is a big improvement from the older version. 


Overall, the Bug A Salt 3.0 is a safe and effective way of killing flies in the house. Only salt is used which will not damage furniture or pose a threat to your family, although the cleanup can be a little messy. 

By looking at this product, we can safely say that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The only issue we have with the Bug A Salt 3.0 is that it looks too much like a toy and therefore can be mistaken by children. However, as long as you’re careful with your device and use the safety features included, this is an excellent fly killer to use around the house. 


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