Bengal Gold Roach Spray Review

If you’ve spotted a cockroach in the corner of your home, it’s a natural reaction to panic regardless if it’s just the one you’ve seen or a whole infestation of them in a room.

They’re a very common household pest but also one of the most hated as they group together and nest in hidden places like walls or dark cupboards where you can’t easily find them.

Roach Spray Kills Cockroaches

Despite being so common, they can prove quite difficult to get rid of, especially if you don’t have the right tools to effectively do so. However, Bengal’s Gold Roach Spray specifically targets cockroaches and starts to kill them immediately upon application, and prevents them from returning for up to 6 months after you’ve applied it in your home.

We’ll be giving you the low down on the Bengal’s Gold Roach Spray, guiding you through its effectiveness and how safe it is to use around your home, so keep on reading to keep away those pesky roaches!

Bengal Gold Roach Spray Review

Bengal Gold Roach Spray, Odorless Stain-Free Dry Aerosol Killer Spray with Insect Growth Regulator, 11 Oz. Aerosol Can


The Bengal Gold Roach Spray is one of the most effective pest solutions we’ve come across, and it works well at killing all kinds of insects as well. So many customers have shared their experiences with the spray, saying how they sprayed it around their home one evening and came down the next morning to find dead roaches on the floors. 

The spray is not an instant killer, so don’t expect to spray insects with it and for them to drop to the floor straight away, it may take a few minutes and maybe even hours for them to be affected. When the pests have walked across it or ingested the chemical spray, they’ll normally try to return to a hidden area to die. 

The chemical ingredients stay active on the surfaces even when you’ve hoovered or cleaned around it whilst picking up dead pests. The spray will keep killing and prevent roaches and other household pests for up to six months before you’ll need to spray it again. Some customers have even said they didn’t need to apply for several months, but this will depend on the location that you live in.

If you’ve only seen a couple of roaches in your home, then spraying this on the areas you’ve seen them can be the difference between an outbreak and you preventing it entirely. 

What Kind of Insects Can It Be Used For?

Despite being a specialized roach spray, you can use this Bengal Gold Spray to kill and prevent other insects from lingering around your home.

We’ve seen reviews of many happy customers who’ve used the spray to eliminate pest problems like ants, sowbugs, and even crickets around your home. If you’ve got any other pest problems then it’s worth a shot trying to use this product to get rid of them as it contains highly effective ingredients that poison insects and cause them to eventually die.


The Bengal Gold Roach Spray is one of the best around due to its odorless formulation allowing you to use it all over your home without having to evacuate certain rooms for days on end due to unpleasant smells.

Whilst we do pretty much agree with the ‘odorless’ claim, if you do smell the spray close up, you can get a slight smell of the product but it’s nothing too offensive and you won’t be able to detect it from far away.

We would recommend you to wear a face mask when applying the spray around your home, just in case you inhale some of the product, whilst you’d have to deeply inhale the product to be affected by it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It is recommended to keep rooms ventilated after you’ve applied the spray around your home and try not to enter until the spray has dried on the surfaces you’ve applied it to. It should dry pretty quickly unless you’ve applied an excessive amount, of which you can use a paper towel or cloth to easily wipe up the excess.

Ease of Use

The Bengal Gold Roach Spray comes in an aerosol can that is pretty self-explanatory to use. It doesn’t require you to dilute the solution, add on any attachments or use extra tools for the spray to work.

You should spray the roach spray in cracks or crevices where the cockroaches are prone to hiding. You should ideally try to spray any areas where you’ve spotted cockroaches, but normally they’ll try to hide away from humans in areas like cupboards, under the sinks, or underneath baseboards. 

If you’re not sure where the infestation is based then you should also try treating areas behind appliances with the spray to make sure they’re not lingering in the dark. Make sure to spray around doorways and the insides of your windows just in case the roaches are entering your home this way.

You’ll just need to spray it once around your home and then see if any dead roaches turn up on the floors or in hidden areas of your home. You can simply hoover the dead roaches up and re-apply whenever you find necessary if any roaches or pests continue to enter your home. 


Using this spray around your home won’t leave any residues if used correctly. If you spray too much on surfaces then there will be some sticky residue left there, of which you can choose to leave there if you wish or you can wipe it away.

If you’ve got pets or young children living in your home, then we’d recommend wiping away excess product. The spray doesn’t stain carpets, furniture, or inside your cupboards.

If you’re going to use the spray inside cupboards where you keep food or kitchenware, then we’d recommend removing everything out of the cupboard before spraying it as the spray can float around the area that it’s sprayed.


The Gold Roach Spray by Bengal is completely safe to use both indoors and outdoors at your home as long as you follow the instructions correctly. You should always wear a face mask and even some goggles when you’re spraying it around your home, to prevent you from inhaling it and also to prevent any possible reactions you may have to the chemical ingredients.

Before applying the Gold Roach Spray in a room, you should make sure that all young children and pets are removed and leave the formula to dry on the surfaces before you allow anyone to re-enter the room.

You should try to leave a window open if possible, or leave a fan on to ventilate the room so there are no chemical fumes left. The spray dries fairly quickly on the surfaces but users do recommend leaving the room for several hours to allow the fumes to disappear from the room.

For ultimate safety, we’d recommend spraying the product in the evening before you go to bed so you can allow the spray to work its magic and also letting the fumes dissipate so you can come down in the morning and use the room as you normally would. 

However, if you’ve sprayed the formula in easy to reach areas like underneath cupboards or near the floorboards, then we’d recommend keeping pets or young children out of the home or at least that area for a few days as there are lots of chemicals in the spray that can be harmful to their health if ingested. 

Some people recommend spraying one room at a time and putting a damp towel underneath the door to block the fumes from entering other rooms. 


The reason why this Bengal Gold Roach Spray is so effective is due to the main ingredient permethrin which is a common insecticide.

Permethrin affects the insects that come into contact with it by either walking across it or ingesting it. The pests will start to lose control of their body, which is why you may see them slowly walking or hovering around after you’ve applied the spray. 

There is also another efficient ingredient in the Gold Roach Spray and that’s nylar, which has a more long-lasting effect in preventing pests in your home. It’s an insect growth regulator and prevents insect eggs from growing into adult pests and also sterilizes any adult pests from being able to reproduce and therefore preventing developing an infestation.

Final Verdict

If you’ve got a roach, or any insect infestation in your home then we’d highly recommend you trying out the Bengal Gold Roach Spray. The shining reviews from happy customers speak for themselves and we can 100% agree with its effectiveness at killing and preventing cockroaches around your home.

A little goes a long way with the product, so use sparingly around your home to avoid excessive residue on your surfaces.

Ensure any young children or family pets in your home are kept safely out of the way when you’re applying the spray to affected areas and don’t let them re-enter the area for at least a day or two. 

Whilst the spray is readily available on Amazon and in most home stores, precautions need to be taken when you’re applying it, for instance, you should always wear a face mask to eliminate the risk of inhaling the fumes as much as possible.

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